A vessel loading or discharging
cargo every other day

Votorantim Cement Trading

Votorantim Cement Trading is dedicated to maritime imports and exports of solid fuels, such as petcoke and steam coal, and of cementitious materials, such as clinker and cement, among others.

We offer high quality products and tailored trading services to meet the needs of Votorantim Cimentos and other customers.

Votorantim Cement Trading manages our customers' supply chain, from loading to discharging in port. We provide an integrated solution for customers outlined in a single commercial agreement: trading negotiations, contract management and maritime logistics. Our extensive worldwide shipping network (ship-owners and shipbrokers) provides our customers with access to the best solutions.

Our expertise is based on years of experience and our market intelligence database, which is updated daily with data generated from market research, market news and internal reports.

The Votorantim Cement Trading Headquarters are located in Madrid (Spain). We operate in the major international markets and have relationships with key suppliers around the world.

All Votorantim Cement Trading employees are reachable at all times to serve our customers' needs. Our added value lies in our team of experienced professionals, specialized in providing start-to-finish expertise and customized solutions to our clients.

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